What Made Korea Become a Christian Country
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What Made Korea Become a Christian Country

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How does a country with a history spanning more than 2000 years, steeped in Shamanism, Buddhism, dedicated to Confucianism, and closed to the world for most of those 20 plus centuries find itself as home to the world’s largest Christian churches and a population that is more than a third Christian?

It didn’t happen overnight though in historical terms it appears to be that way. It also didn’t happen without a lot of blood and tears being shed first.

South Korea is not only home to mega churches with congregations in the 10’s of thousands, but those churches continue to thrive.

“What Made Korea Become a Christian Country?” explores the people, the movements, and the historical events that brought about this change. It tells compelling stories of loss, oppression, struggle, and survival of not only how Korea became such a Christian based country, but how it has sustained the movement and continued its growth.

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