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Learn Hangul – the Korean alphabet

Published Date: March 18, 2012

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This book is intended to teach you to learn and remember the Korean writing alphabet. This alphabet is called Hangul, and has been heralded by some to be one of the most scientific writing systems in use today. However, since it varies greatly from the English alphabet, it can appear daunting at first and traditional methods for learning and remembering it are boring and time consuming. If you follow the steps set forth in this book, you will accomplish this task, and you will do it in only 1 hour. 1 hour of concentrated study on the ideas set forth in this book.

I am not a Korean language teacher in the formal sense, but I have spent a good deal of time studying the Korean language as well as a smattering of time on a couple of other languages. I wrote this book in response to the frustrations I’ve seen from those who were struggling to learn Korean but were doing it by following romanized versions of the words. I hate to see time and talent wasted, and to me, that is just what that kind of study is, a waste. If you’re in Korea, you will see very little romanization (or other English spelling representations). Outside of road signs and a few restaurant menus, Hangul is the prevalent method for writing Korean, and it is well worth the time it takes to learn and remember it. Also, once you have mastered the alphabet, you will be surprised at how many things you are able to understand, especially since there are a great deal of foreign words in use in Korea but represented in Hangul and with a slightly different pronunciation. If you truly want to learn Korean, then learning Hangul is the first and most sensible step.

This book will teach you to do this, learning on your own or in a group. Chinese characters are also used to represent the Korean language, but it is becoming less and less used though it still appears in newspaper headlines and many Koreans’ name or business cards. This book won’t be dealing with those characters. You will also need to continue your usage of your new found knowledge in order to permanently ingrain it into your memory and apply this knowledge to acquiring vocabulary. I am sure you will find this book helpful in starting you on the path to a wonderful experience with your study of Korean or stay in Korea.

Author Information

Allen Williams is a professional educator, writer, and speaker, and has been helping thousands of people through his site PowerMeUp.com since 1999.

His father was a liar. Well, his father did tell him he couldn’t stay in school for the rest of his life.

Williams is a self-described “greedy” student who finds himself interested in a wide variety of things. Some of these things may not seem connected, but for him they are all paths to an ultimate goal. The common thread the greater part of those interests share is a path to becoming better and helping others to do the same – that might be in a wide variety of areas as well.

He has spent years living, working, and studying abroad and is currently living in Japan with his wife and two sons.

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